The John Russell Gallery Exhibition

The Contemporary Gallery on the Waterfront of Ipswich Suffolk

18th February-16th March 2013

The John Russell Gallery, Ipswich, Suffolk

It has been three years since Francis’ first solo exhibition having painted the buzz of the emerging café culture, capturing the distorted
reflections in the marina in and around the Ipswich Waterfront, within sight of the gallery.

But this new work has been mainly painted in city centres depicting people in their daily pursuits. He has a particular fascination with
the double images formed by reflections of busy streets on shop windows and buildings, sees the fleeting movement of people, traffic
and trains cemented in time against a strong structural, architectural composition. There is always an honesty about Francis’ work that
is extremely comforting-and is somewhat unusual these days. He always produces his work directly from life, sitting in and amongst his
subjects and often out in all weathers, painting in pure oils straight onto good quality, self-stretched canvas. Many artists shy away
from painting in oil, possibly because it is arguably the most difficult of all media to master, preferring the ease, cleanliness,
immediacy (and economy!) of acrylic, along with the comfort of painting in the controlled environment of the studio.

Having trained in the mid-60’s to early 70’s at Bournemouth, Wimbledon and Hornsey Colleges of Art, Francis has exhibited work
across London in solo and group shows, as well as more locally within East Anglia. This artist can remind you of a contemporary
Sickert, Gilman, Gore or Ginner, The Camden Group of painters from 1905-1914.

Come to view the immediacy of this very talented Cambridge based artist.

Monday – Saturday 9.30 am – 5.00 pm

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